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Grassfinished Beef by the Side- Buy in Bulk and Save!

Grassfinished Beef by the Side- Buy in Bulk and Save!

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A full side of beef (best value). We have a 252 lb hanging weight side available at the butcher. Price is 252 x $6.75/lb All grassfed and finished and certified organic. Cuts are all individually wrapped in brown wrap. You will need about 14 cubic feet of freezer space to store- but a great way to stock up for bbq season and also winter stew/roast season.

You get:

Steaks (Rib, Sirloin, NY strip, Flank, Blade and Tenderloin) approx. 50 steaks total

Roasts (Prime Rib, Sirloin tip, Eye of Round, Inside Round, Outside Round & Cross Rib) approx. 12 roasts total

Stew meat packed in 1 lb packs approx. 15-18 packs

Brisket- cut into 3 pieces

Short ribs approx. 4 packages

Soup bones approx. 3-4 bags ~ make your own bone broth

Lean ground beef (About 80 lbs packaged in 1 lb packs).

Price includes all butchering, packaging, & delivery to your door!